Monday, February 22, 2010

That's strange? This is typical for me.

If you are one of the lucky few, this can be a typical conversation with me. I had this conversation with a friend Wendy and I met in WoW. Her blog is here.

me: Hey
Jessica: Hi
me: What's new?
11:30 AM Jessica: nada
me: There should be something new this week
Go buy a gun
Jessica: oh, hell no lol
me: What? I'm sure Jason would approve
Jessica: I'm sure he would, but I wouldn't. lol
11:31 AM me: Oh, ok
Go buy a Compound bow and some arrows
I'm trying to get you to LARP a Hunter
11:32 AM Jessica: larp?
me: You have the pet
Live Action Role Play
Jessica: lmao
did you see the Avatar one?
me: Yea
I didn't see the movie, but I didn't need to
Jessica: ditto that
11:33 AM me: A polearm
11:34 AM That would be a conversation piece
Like totally ignore it and invite people over
Put it next to a painting
And like ignore the Polearm
"Hey where did you get that?"
11:35 AM "Oh, we got it at the gallery in the mall."
"No, not the picture the polearm."
"Oh that..."
Jessica: Some days, your strangeness comes out more than other days. :)
11:36 AM me: That's strange?
Jessica: yep
11:38 AM me: "So are you planning on chopping someone's head off and putting it on there?"
"No, I'd have to wrap it in aluminum foil to keep the flies off. Then what's the point."

8 minutes
11:47 AM me: Hey
Jessica: yah
me: Can I use this conversation as my first blog post?
Jessica: haha - of course
me: Awesome thanks
Jessica: Just make sure to send me the link. lol
me: I wills

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