Monday, April 5, 2010

Shopping Tips #2

This probably should have been Tip #1. But I'm just listing these as they pop in my head.

When checking out at a register, always look for a young male running the register.

If there are none available go from youngest female to oldest.

Avoid any line where someone has baby clothes and the woman running the register looks like a grandmother. You can instantly add 3 to 4 minutes to your checkout time while they discuss how cute the clothes are.

Now why do you take that young male at the register. Well generally he's just there to work his shift. He wants to just ring up your stuff and get you away from him so he can get to the next person. He's generally not interested in your life, family, items you are purchasing. He probably won't talk to you. The only possible exception to this might be an attractive female coming through the line.

Now this is all grocery shore shopping. These theorems have been developed purely from my experience. I'll have more later. After all, you have different types of stores and shopping.

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