Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Next Generation has finally arrived.

E3 2010 has shown us something exciting. It has shown us that finally after 6 years of the World of Warcraft era of MMO's, the Next Generation has finally arrived. Here, take a look at the following trailers.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Warhammer 40k Online:

DC Universe Online:

I think the next-generation of MMO's have finally arrived. Not simply because the Warhammer trailer actually says that, but because two of these games look like they are fun to play. Which game do I think doesn't look like fun?

Star Wars the Old Republic.

I'm sorry, but the Gameplay Trailer, makes it look like it is still using turned based timing attacks. The other two games look like they are action oriented. Here is the gameplay, complete with a mission.

I think Star Wars, as a universe is a Dead Horse that everyone keeps beating. Bioware may make a great and successful MMO, but it is still a Dead Horse. I think the Mass Effect Universe is more compelling than Star Wars, but that's just my preference.

There have been MMO's released since WoW, but none have reached the standard that WoW has set. Some have directly copied World of Warcraft and became a moderate success. But, that is all they are, moderate. I think now, for the first time in over 6 years, other MMO's actually look good and exciting. They have finally reached up to WoW's standard and have just begun to push it up.

I hope for Blizzard's sake they show their Top Secret MMO project at this years Blizzcon. If they wait another year, the masses may leave World of Warcraft and begin to build guilds and social networks in other games. Once the river overflows in another direction, it is near impossible to get back.

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