Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Blizzard's New Forum Policy

There is a thread on the WoW Europe Forums regarding their new forum Policy. Basically they are going to make sure everyone uses the RealID system. This will require people to post with their first and last names.

There are many discussions about this.

This is a moot point. Blizzard developers don't read the WoW forums. They go to Elitist Jerks

There is also a mistaken belief that jerks refuse to identify themselves. On the contrary, many of these flamers will be happy to tell you who they are. It is surprising that Blizzard doesn't know this, given their recent arrangement with Facebook. Elitist Jerks allows for nicknames. They are probably better at moderating their boards though. It's a more High Class version of the Blizzard forums. Even though that bar may not be high to begin with.

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