Monday, March 8, 2010

3 Hours and a Piece of Paper

In a followup to my previous post, I was at the Firestone Tire and Service Center near Gallaher View on Saturday. I was trying to get that tire fixed that was punctured earlier in the week. I took my notebook to do a little writing. By little, I mean I had a single thought I wanted to get down. So while waiting on 4 new tires to get placed on my car, I had time to write. I had 3 hours to write. Filling out that thought didn't take that long. I had some mind-numbing 2.5+ hours. I tried to think of more to write, but I couldn't. A man and his son came in and sat next to me. They walked across Kingston Pike to buy some items. The boy had these rubber bands in the shape of dinosaurs. He kept stretching it and they would snap back into the dinosaur shape.

"Is this one a T-Rex," he asked
"Oh, I don't know what this one is, maybe," said the dad.

Actually it was a Sauropod. Geekdom begins with dinosaurs.

They left after a few minutes. So I had more mind-numbing time to myself.

My brain cells were dying, I could feel it. My patience empty, I went to the desk. "Oh it's only going to be a few more minutes to get the
alignment checked."

"Aiiiee!" Some brain cells comitted Hari-Kari.

Finally after 3 hours of being there, I'm headed home. I get home and am so relieved to see my family. There's a message on our answering machine.
It is from today. "Hello, this is Rick McGill's Airport Toyota Customer Service with a follow up call."

Thank you Rick McGill's Airport Toyota Customer Service.

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