Monday, March 1, 2010

The Bright Side of a Black Hole

On Sunday, Wendy and I went to look at a house we were considering buying. Wendy's Father came along. Charlie is certainly unique. I don't think I've met someone that is more kind or positive. You know how some men have trouble meeting their girlfriends father. I didn't have that with him. I don't think I was ever more relaxed or welcome than when we first met. He is also charismatic and downright likeable. Has an infectious way of talking about things with a genuine interest that causes you to listen. While looking at this house this weekend I had this thought:

Charlie could see the bright side of a black hole.

I'm not saying the house is a black hole. I'm saying Charlie could find something positive in any situation and while talking about it, can convince you that what he sees is true.

"Well what you got here is a pretty good sized black hole. You put a star near it and I bet you can get a great light show for the Event Horizon. It's in a good location too. I mean you can't move it or anything, but it's not a bad location. As long as you stay away, you'll be ok. Otherwise, it'll be *piff* and you don't want that. Don't try to be above or below it either. These things spit out X Ray's like you wouldn't believe. Yea, this is all great. You need to throw something away, you have the perfect disposal. And if you need X Ray's you got an unlimited supply."

See, Black Holes aren't all that bad.

Here's to you Charlie. I wish I had this view of things.

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