Monday, March 1, 2010

For the moment, it is just us.

I had a lot to do this weekend. It’s hard having an awesome family. It’s hard because I want to stay with them all the time. Wendy had a birthday recently. We missed seeing her dad. So we went to look at a house and out to dinner Sunday Night. This took several hours. It’s a long drive out and back, then we have dinner at Texas Roadhouse. I’m worried about our son. We’ll be at the restaurant at the time we need to start his bath routine. He’s almost 10 months old. We don’t go out much. We like to spend time with each other as much as possible. Noah doesn’t see many other people. He’s cranky on the way to the restaurant. Wendy is sitting in the back seat feeding him Cheerios and AppleJuice. She’s also entertaining him as much as she can without feeding him his solids.

We get to the restaurant and is typical for Texas Roadhouse it is loud in there. Noah doesn’t like loud noises. There’s also a birthday party going on right next to our table. Noah burst out crying when being put in the High Chair. There are other infants right behind him. We get his food heated up by a kind waitress (A big thanks to servers out there that help with kids). After his meal, Noah was in a much better mood. He was very patient. Chattering and flirting with girls. He’s checking out the Infants behind him. The servers come over and give the Texas Roadhouse shout out to the people next to us. Hunter was his name. I thought he was so loud it would make Noah cry. Noah never did.

We make it through dinner. As I said before Charlie is great. His wife Joyce is great too. We kid each other some but I genuinely like them.

Kids do surprise you. Noah surprised me in a new way. We were looking at each and he just stopped playing around. My son and I are looking at each other and smiling. The restaurant and noise faded away and all the worries I had were gone. For that moment we were the only ones there.

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